Is designed to measure the illuminance of natural and artificial radiation of point sources or scattered light.

Class A


Precision of measurement

Good spectral matching to the spectral sensitivity V( λ) and directional response to the cosine function guarantee the accuracy of illuminance measurement, regardless of the nature of the radiation. It does not require the use of any adjustment coefficients for different light sources.


  • Lack of necessity for the use of adjustment coefficients for different types of lighting.
  • Automatic switching-off when it is not used.
  • HOLD function used to stop the measurement.
  • Low battery signalling prevents from incorrect readings of measurement result.

Technical data

Spectral range:
V (λ) CIE, DIN 5032-7
Measurement ranges:
5 lx - 199.9 lx
50 lx - 1999 lx
500 lx - 19.99 klx
5 klx - 199.9 klx
Accuracy class:
A (CIE, DIN 5032-7)
Spectral matching f1':
≤ 2 % (CIE, DIN 5032-7)
Directional matching f2:
≤ 1,5 % (CIE, DIN 5032-7)
Total error:
≤ 2,5 %
Temperature range:
0 ÷ +40 ºC
Relative humidity:
≤ 80%
Power supply:
9 V (6LR61) battery
152 x 83 x 33 mm
200 g