Repairs and maintenance

General information

1. The device should be sent to the headquarters of SONOPAN along with an attached written order for performance of services. The order can also be sent by e-mail.

2. The order form should specify:

  • Customer's data: full name, address, VAT-UE number, contact person, etc.,
  • type, serial number and year of manufacture of the device indicated on the nameplate,
  • description of the defect or damage,
  • shipping method (the device

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Shopping rules

General information

1. The purchase order for new equipment and additional accessories should be submitted in writing (by e-mail or post).

2. The purchase order should specify:

  • Purchaser's data: full name, address, tax identification number, contact person, etc,
  • type and quantity of devices ordered,
  • shipping method (the goods will be sent by the DHL courier if no other shipping method is given).

Payment terms

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