Integrating sound level meter

The DLM-102 meter is a fully digital, single-range integrating sound level meter. It meets the requirements of EN 61672 standard for class 2 meters.

2nd class precisionPN-EN 61672GUM-enPC


Easy to use

Easiness of use, broad measurement range and small dimensions ensure acoustic measurement in many fields. The meter is perfect for a company occupational health and safety inspector or a building inspector who performs the final building inspection.


The calibration of the meter with the use of the KA-50 calibrator is conducted automatically. An easy-to-read lit display makes it easy to read the result in unlit places. The internal Li-ION battery enables long-lasting measurements without the necessity of recharging it.

Co-operation with PC

The memory of the meter enables to save the final measurement results and record many hours’ measurement history log. The software attached to the meter enables to download the data from the meter, visualise and analyse it. It is also possible to export the data to a spreadsheet template.


  • One measurement range with a dynamic exceeding 100 dB frees the User from the necessity of any change of the measurement range during the measurement.
  • Possibility of saving the set of the measured values from a maximum of 99 measurement sessions.
  • Recording of measurement history log with an interval of 100 ms to 1 min.
  • Co-operation with DSA Monitor software.
  • Two communication interfaces: USB and RS-232.
  • Readout of all the measured values without the measurement being interrupted.
  • Graphical indicator of the instantaneous value in the form of a horizontal bar.

Technical data

Accuracy class:
Measurement microphone:
1/4" prepolarized
Measurement range LAeq:
40 - 135 dBA
Measurement range LCPk:
50 - 138 dBC
Frequency weightings:
A, C
Time weightings:
Slow, Fast
LCD 128x64 backlit
99 measurements
History log registration interval:
100 ms - 1 min
USB and RS-232
Temperature range:
-10 ÷ +50 ºC
Power supply:
Li-ION 700 mAh internal battery
Continuous operation time:
16 h
Dimensions without microphone:
182 x 81 x 30 mm
480 g