DSA Monitor

DSA Monitor software

It is intended for the collection and processing of measurement data downloaded from sound level meters made by SONOPAN. It is also used for the remote control of the meter operation.



Free of charge

The DSA Monitor software is attached free of charge to every sound level meter being purchased.


It is used to support such meters as DSA-50, DLM-101, DLM-102, DD-40 and DD-41. It ensures the possibility of listening to the audio recordings made by the instruments having such functionality.

Data presentation

The data read from the meters can be presented directly in the programme in the form of various tables and graphs or saved to a text file so that they can be read in a spreadsheet template. It is possible to print directly from the programme the generated graphs of the time history log, the spectral distribution, accumulated density and level histogram. The graphs can also be transferred to other programmes with the use of the clipboard.

Remote control

Additional software to the remote control of the meter is attached to the main application.


Technical data

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