Health and safety measurements

It is widely-known that the quality of the working environment has a great influence on human health. In order to reduce the impact of harmful factors on the employee, the employer should assess risk factors in the workplace. As a result of this, the parameters of harmful physical, chemical or biological factors should be measured on the condition that these factors occur or are likely to occur there. Measurement results must not be regarded as confidential, so all employees should be informed about … read more

Environmental noise

On the basis of the division of environmental noise, industrial (including noise in the working environment), communal and communication noise can be distinguished.

Our measurement instruments are excellent for assessing the environmental noise pollution.

They are used for:

  • Creating noise maps in agglomerations.
  • Environmental noise measurements.
  • Assessment of environmental noise emitted by industry.
  • Noise measurement

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Noise of vehicles

The constantly increasing number of motor vehicles is the reason for traffic growing on the roads, which contributes to the increase in the noise generated by traffic. This kind of noise is particularly burdensome for people living near traffic routes. It aims at reducing the noise affecting residents. The acoustic map is like a depiction of the moment because it is created on the basis of measurements conducted at the selected points under specific conditions and within a certain time. The novelties … read more

Machinery noise

All machines and devices emit noise to the environment while they operate. There are normative documents defining the measurement method and permissible noise that can be emitted to the natural and working environment. These documents, which are listed below, oblige manufacturers, importers and users to measure the noise and, if necessary, take the appropriate technical measures.

The Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, together with the subsequent amendments included in Directive 2005/88/EC applies … read more

Lighting measurements

In the workplaces

Lighting isn’t considered to be a harmful factor, but only a burdensome factor. It is necessary for the employer to conduct illuminance measurements in the workplaces. The employer will be able to confirm that the employees are provided with electric lighting whose parameters are in accordance with the provisions of national law.

Measurements should be conducted consecutively in the workplaces where the previous measurements proved the lighting to be insufficient … read more