Digital sound analyzer

The DSA-50 is a digital sound analyzer that meets the requirements of EN 61672 standard for class 1. It is a 1/1- and 1/3-octave band analyzer that is designed in accordance with the requirements of EN 61260 standard for class 1.

1st class precisionPN-EN 61672GUM-enPC



The DSA-50 meter combines the functions of an integrating sound level meter, 1/1- and 1/3-octave band analyzer, and a noise dosimeter. It was designed with a view to satisfying a wide circle of Users. It is perfect for occupational and environmental noise level measurement as well as for diagnosis of machines and devices.

Great capabilities

It is capable of simultaneous measurement of numerous parameters and it provides the possibility of saving the results to the memory. The memory ensures a multi-day record of measurement history log. The software attached to the meter enables to download the data from the meter as well as visualise and analyse it. It is also possible to export the data to a spreadsheet template.

Environmental measurements

The meter is the main component of the portable noise monitoring set used for long lasting noise measurements in all-weather conditions. Owing to an external high-capacity battery, the measurements can be conducted continuously for many days.


  • Three operating modes: a sound level meter, 1/1- and 1/3-octave band analyzer.
  • Co-operation with a PC through a USB or RS-232 interface.
  • Possibility of saving the set of the measured values from a maximum of 99 measurement sessions.
  • Recording of measurement history log with an interval of 100 ms to 1 min, in each operating mode.
  • Graphical indicator of the instantaneous value in the form of a horizontal bar.
  • Measurement time programming up to 100h (with1s resolution).
  • Noise exposure time programming with a resolution of 1min (for LAEX, T calculations).
  • Real-time clock.

Technical data

Accuracy class:
Measurement microphone:
1/2 "polarized
Measurement range LAeq:
18 - 135 dBA
Measurement range LCPk:
40 - 138 dBC
Frequency weightings:
A, C, Z, G, 1/1-oct, 1/3-oct
Time weightings:
Slow, Fast, Impulse
LCD 128 x 64
AC output:
USB or RS-232
Temperature range:
-10 ÷ +50 ºC
Power supply:
NiMH 2100 mAh internal battery
Continuous operation time:
24 h
Dimensions without microphone:
237 x 84 x 45 mm
600 g