Photometric calibrator

The KF-10 photometric calibrator is a high-stability light source used for periodical metrological control of luxmeters.


Reliability of measurements

The calibrator is intended for periodical metrological control of luxmeters made by SONOPAN. The regular use of the calibrator enables an early detection of the possible deficiencies of the luxmeter measurement circuit, which ensures the accuracy of the obtained results of the measurements.

ATTENTION: the control of the luxmeter with the use of the KF-10 photometric calibrator does not replace calibration.

Outstanding stability

The optical system of the illuminator and electronic control of light source operation guarantee the high stability of the luminous flux density in time.


Technical data

Luminous exitance:
M ≈ 100 lm / m2
Illuminance in the reception field of luxmeter probe:
E ≈ 100 lx
Color temperature of the light source:
approx. 3000 K
Deviation from Illuminant A:
for Class A luxmeters:
± 0.03% (max value)
for Class B luxmeters:
± 0.15% (max value)
Illuminance stability:
± 0.1% for one working cycle
± 1% after 3000 cycles
Temperature range:
0 ÷ + 40 ° C
Relative humidity:
< 80%
80 × 80 × 110 mm