Repairs and maintenance

General information

1. The device should be sent to the headquarters of SONOPAN along with an attached written order for performance of services. The order can also be sent by e-mail.

2. The order form should specify:

  • Customer's data: full name, address, VAT-UE number, contact person, etc.,
  • type, serial number and year of manufacture of the device indicated on the nameplate,
  • description of the defect or damage,
  • shipping method (the device will be sent by the DHL courier if no other shipping method is given).

Additionally, the order can contain some information about the need to confirm by phone the cost of a possible repair before it is performed.

3. The process of the notification and efficient handling of the product for repair depend on a detailed description of the defect or damage.

Warranty repairs

1. During the warranty period all defects of the instrument which are not caused by the fault of the Purchaser are repaired at no charge.

2. If our Service Department confirms that damage to the device is not covered by the warranty or the warranty conditions have not been retained, the Customer is obliged to pay the costs of the technical maintenance and transport as well as repairs.

Post-warranty repairs

1. Every SONPAN device, which needs to undergo a technical inspection and/or repair, is subject to a paid maintenance.

2. In the event of the significantly high costs of repair, our Service Department contacts the Customer by phone or e-mail in order to get their acceptance of the repair costs.

Payment terms

1. For regular customers – payment 14 days after invoice date (NET 14).

2. In other cases - cash, cash on delivery (COD).

Order completion time

1. The order completion time is usually up to 5 business days. In some special cases it can be extended to 10 business days.

2. The order completion time can be extended if the instrument needs to be calibrated in an accredited laboratory. In this case, individual arrangements apply, depending on the calibration range and the accredited laboratory performing the service.