Noise of vehicles

The constantly increasing number of motor vehicles is the reason for traffic growing on the roads, which contributes to the increase in the noise generated by traffic. This kind of noise is particularly burdensome for people living near traffic routes. It aims at reducing the noise affecting residents. The acoustic map is like a depiction of the moment because it is created on the basis of measurements conducted at the selected points under specific conditions and within a certain time. The novelties are automatic spatial noise monitoring systems. Such systems aim at the constant collection of measurement data on noise from individual line sources as well as storing it and providing access to it through the website. The use of such systems enables the current observation of changes in the noise distribution in the agglomeration. On the basis of these changes, decisions can be made to modify the organization of traffic flows or to invest in new beltways or transit routes.

Our devices are used for:

  • Creating noise maps.
  • Systems of continuous noise monitoring in agglomerations.
  • Measurement of vehicle noise during technical tests.