L-200R NEW!

Precision luxmeter L-200 with RF-200C

It is designed to measure the illuminance of natural and artificial radiation of point sources or scattered light. The connection of the proper adapter to the probe enables direct luminance measurement.

Class APC


The measurement set consists of the L-200 precision luxmeter, RF-200C converter and RF200C PC software.


Very good spectral matching to the spectral sensitivity V( λ) and directional response to the cosine function guarantee the accuracy of illuminance measurement, regardless of the nature of the radiation. It does not require the use of any adjustment coefficients for different light sources. The advanced correction algorithms for the measurement result virtually eliminate the influence of temperature on the measured value.


Technical data

Spectral range:
V (λ) CIE, DIN 5032-7
Measurement ranges:
0.001 - 50 lx
0.1 - 5 klx
10 - 500 klx
Accuracy class:
A (CIE, DIN 5032-7)
Spectral matching f1':
≤ 2% (CIE, DIN 5032-7)
Directional matching f2:
≤ 1% (CIE, DIN 5032-7)
Total error:
≤ 2.5%
Working temperature range:
-20 ÷ +50 ºC
Relative humidity:
≤ 90%
Probe dimensions:
Ф 44 x 25 mm