Questions and Answers

QUESTION 1: How often should measurement instruments be calibrated?

ANSWER: SONOPAN recommends the calibration of measurement instruments at least once every 12 months. The frequency of calibration depends on many factors. The most important ones are the intensity and range of use, the risk of the exceedance of the exposure limit values as well as the costs of the possible corrective measures after the detection of the instrument deficiencies. As calibration is quite costly, the period between two consecutive calibrations is a compromise between the ensurance of measurement accuracy and the expenses incurred by the User.


QUESTION 2: Does SONOPAN calibrate instruments?

ANSWER: Yes, it does. SONOPAN conducts the calibrations of measurement instruments in photometric and acoustic laboratories. Depending on the type of the instrument and service, calibration is conducted by such laboratories as SONOPAN, the Central Office of Measures, the Regional Offices of Measures or SONOPAN partners.


QUESTION 3: Is technical maintenance of the instrument necessary before calibration is performed?

ANSWER: Yes, it is. Technical inspection of the instrument is compulsory before calibration is conducted. Owing to this inspection, the Customer avoids paying any additional costs of the damaged instrument being calibrated twice and gets the instrument serviced within a short period of time.


QUESTION 4: Can I order any spare parts and repair the instrument by myself?

ANSWER: In order to repair the measurement instrument, it is indispensable to rely not only on its spare parts, but above all, on professional knowledge and skills. It should be taken into account that any unauthorised repairs will result in the loss of warranty. Besides, they can cause serious damage to the instrument and generate the increased repair costs.