Lighting measurements

In the workplaces

Lighting isn’t considered to be a harmful factor, but only a burdensome factor. It is necessary for the employer to conduct illuminance measurements in the workplaces. The employer will be able to confirm that the employees are provided with electric lighting whose parameters are in accordance with the provisions of national law.

Measurements should be conducted consecutively in the workplaces where the previous measurements proved the lighting to be insufficient and where the type of light source was changed.

Roads, bridges and tunnels

In order to ensure the safety and functionality of public space, it is necessary for the lighting to meet the specific requirements. Roads and streets as well as squares or park alleys are provided with certain types of lighting.

During the modernization of street lighting local authorities must comply with the standards of EN 13201: 2007 series referred to as "Road Lighting" which include four sheets on the issues related to street lighting listed below:

  • Part 1: Selection of lighting classes,
  • Part 2: Lighting requirements,
  • Part 3: Lighting calculations,
  • Part 4: Methods for measurements lighting parameters.

Our instruments are useful for measurements of:

  • Illuminance of streets and tunnels.
  • Illuminance in the workplaces.
  • Illuminance in buildings.
  • Illuminance of escape routes.