Motor vehicles sound level meter

The DLM-101S meter is a fully digital, single-range sound level meter. It meets the requirements of PN-EN 61672 standard for class 2 meters.

2nd class precisionPN-EN 61672GUM-enPC


Motor vehicle noise measurement

It is intended for the measurement of the noise emitted by motor vehicles at standstill as well as for the assessment of the loudness of a sound signal, i.e. a horn. The meter meets the requirements of UN/ECE regulations.


The metal casing ensures the resistance to factors occuring in vehicle service stations

Co-operation with PC

The AS-200 Raport software enables to transfer measurement results to a PC, save them to a database and produce a report printout.


  • Accessories included in the set enable measurements to be conducted by one person.
  • Tripod and ruler are used to place a microphone in the proper position in relation to the exhaust pipe of a vehicle.
  • Use of extension cable enables the person who conducts the measurement to take their place in the driver’s seat and to operate the vehicle.
  • Built-in measuring procedure, which is in accordance with the law, facilitates the correct measurement.
  • Built-in tachometer ensures the accuracy of the noise measurement of the vehicles without or with the damaged tachometer.

Technical data

Accuracy class:
Measurement microphone:
1/2" polarized
Measurement range LAF:
50 - 135 dBA
Frequency weightings:
A, C
Time weightings:
LCD 128x64 backlit
Tachometer measurement range:
500 - 9999 rpm
Temperature range:
-10 ÷ +50 ºC
Power supply:
Li-ION 700 mAh internal battery
Continuous operation time:
16 h
Dimensions without microphone:
182 x 81 x 30 mm
480 g